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Elastography: A Novel Ultrasound Technique Measures Tissue Properties

Ultrasound’s effectiveness and safety as a diagnostic tool have been givens for decades. Its use in measuring the elasticity of tissue – a relatively new technology called elastography – could make ultrasound a game changer in a number of fields. “In examinations, the doctor always does two things. He takes a stethoscope to your chest continue reading

November Course to Focus on Point-of-Care and Critical Settings

For the second consecutive year, the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine will conduct a two-day course for clinicians in Winston-Salem this fall. That’s by no means a surprising development, considering the array of resources available through Wake Forest School of Medicine and the longstanding relationship between the AIUM and the medical school’s Program for continue reading

Daniel Rukstalis, MD, Advocating Ultrasound Across Disciplines

Daniel Rukstalis, MD, residency program director for the Department of Urology at Wake Forest School of Medicine, advocates for the use of ultrasound technology in his field to improve patient care and therapeutic outcomes. An early practitioner of advanced imaging and novel therapeutics in urology, Rukstalis came to Wake Forest in 2012. He believes Wake continue reading

Winston-Salem: The City of the Arts and Innovation

Drive into downtown Winston-Salem today and you’ll see an urban landscape much different than the one you’d see just ten years ago. In what was once a sleepy downtown, you’ll now find a vitality and growth that’s unparalleled in the South. From the West End historic neighborhood and antique area in the West to the continue reading

Dr. Frederick Kremkau: A Leader in Ultrasound Education

Forty years after first joining Wake Forest Baptist to study ultrasound as a therapy device in cancer, Frederick Kremkau, PhD, has become, in the words of James Johnson, PhD, director of the Center for Applied Learning, a “rock star’’ in the world of ultrasound education. It’s evident in the fact that he’s working on the continue reading

Ultrasound Safety from a Science Perspective

In any medical procedure, whether diagnostic or therapeutic, we want to help and not harm, or at least be sure any harm is justified and kept to a minimum. The therapeutic and diagnostic benefits of ultrasound are well known, but some still worry about risks. Sound waves are a form of energy. Ultrasound, beyond our continue reading

In Support of the “Year of Ultrasound” and “Ultrasound First”

In Support of the “Year of Ultrasound” and “Ultrasound First” Ask anyone involved in the practice of ultrasound about the efficacy and benefits of this unique technology and you are likely to hear an impassioned testimonial filled with examples and comparisons with other modalities. One phrase you will repeatedly hear is that ultrasound delivers the continue reading