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Winston-Salem: The City of the Arts and Innovation

Drive into downtown Winston-Salem today and you’ll see an urban landscape much different than the one you’d see just ten years ago. In what was once a sleepy downtown, you’ll now find a vitality and growth that’s unparalleled in the South. From the West End historic neighborhood and antique area in the West to the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts and the University of North Carolina School of the Arts Stevens Center in the central district to the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter and its focus on high tech science and technology in the East, downtown Winston-Salem is living up to its name as the City of the Arts and Innovation.

Winston-Salem: The City of the Arts and Innovation
Downtown Winston-Salem is just a five-minute walk from the Program for Medical Ultrasound’s main offices at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and the options for good food, custom cocktails and live entertainment are plenty.

Good Food

Interested in artisan Southern food? Try Mozelle’s in the West End or Sweet Potatoes in the Trade Street Arts District. Looking for spicy Asian selections? Get sushi and Thai food on Fourth Street at Downtown Thai or relax in the ambient decor of Third Street’s Xia (pronounced See-ah) and savor their custom Chinese delicacies. Get authentic Lebanese cuisine at Mooney’s on Fourth Street, which also moonlights on Saturday evenings as a venue for live music and hookahs. Enjoy a cold beer and fish and chips at the Irish pub, Finnegan’s Wake, in the Trade Street Arts District.

Custom Cocktails

Winston-Salem’s custom cocktail movement is blasting forward! Get fresh new drinks and classics at bars throughout downtown, including Tate’s Craft Cocktails and Single Brothers Bar. Or, better yet, order yourself a cold beer at the historic Pete’s Recreation Billiards and shoot a game of pool or two with strangers that will soon be friends.

Live Entertainment

Live music and theater are abound in downtown Winston-Salem. See the latest plays at the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts or listen to the Winston-Salem Opera and watch rising ballet stars at the Stevens Center. Hear live rock bands at the hipster coffee shop and live club Krankies in the Innovation Quarter or relax to the sounds of Americana at The Garage in the Trade Street Arts District.